All reviews for The Magic Finger

  1. loved it

    It is a great and magical story! The Gregg family turning into birds and much more!

    24 January 2015

  2. loved it

    Really good

    22 March 2014

  3. This is about a little girl who has a magic finger.

    9 March 2014

  4. liked it

    A funny story bit I have seen better books by Roald Dahl

    5 March 2014

  5. liked it

    This book is extremely well written and really hilarious I found it really interesting how much people do and don’t respect animals.

    20 June 2013

  6. liked it

    i liked it but it wasnt the best book i have read

    20 April 2013

  7. liked it


    18 April 2013

  8. loved it

    This book is a very funny magical story. I am wondering why people start to itch when we are shy or shocked. Read to find out how the Gregg’s family turned into themselves again

    28 March 2013

  9. I like this book because it s funny and exciting! It is hard to put down. I like the bit were the lady’s arms turn into wings!

    25 March 2013

  10. I love it

    15 March 2013