All reviews for My Story Pack

  1. loved it

    I like stories like this stuff that we dont know about and learing about what happened then I find diary entries amazing because they tell little stories in them themselfs I would reconmend this to people who love old andcurious. Loved it!

    Shannon Walbrin,aged 9,

    3 October 2013

  2. loved it

    I love war stories and liked the fact that throughout the book you were hoping the main character, Edie’s house wouldn`t be bombed, that she would be okay as an evacuee and that her family members contributing to the war effort would be okay. To find out what happens by reading the book. I rate this book 10/10, I love it alot as it is historical fiction and it is set in the blitz- if your Grandparents were around in the war ask them what the war was like- you may end up with a story just like this one!

    Ben, aged 12

    21 August 2012

  3. i really would recommened this book though i have not read it myself…

    8 January 2009