All reviews for Rainbow Magic: Magical Animal Fairies Pack

  1. these are really good books for girls aged 5+. i liked no i LOVED them when i was younger, i even had them painted on my walls and had the costumes! 5/5 – when i was younger.

    7 March 2013

  2. liked it

    The Rainbow Magic books are a must-read for all younger girls.

    Rachel and Kirsty help the fairies to try and defeat Jack Frost.

    Great books.

    5 March 2013

  3. rubbish

    i love all these books and i especially love the princes faires !

    20 January 2012

  4. loved it

    It was magical and awesome. I love the way the writer has made these books flow nicely.

    9 December 2011

  5. loved it

    I’ll LOVE Lara the Black Cat Fairy!

    3 July 2011

  6. liked it

    Errrr which one am I

    5 June 2011

  7. I have read all of them they are Really Good!

    22 May 2011