All reviews for More Adventures According to Humphrey

  1. loved it

    sooooooo cute and cuddly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    25 July 2011

  2. loved it

    i like humphery cause he is cute and i think he is cuddly. i have got school and the tresher hunt book.

    10 July 2011

  3. Humphrey is a really funny school hamster who makes the books special by writting from his point of view. Love his books really great!!!

    1 March 2011

  4. loved it

    another hilarious adventure of the cute little fluff ball. brilliant for anyone, will keep you smiling all the way.

    27 February 2011

  5. its really good so far and im going to tell you a bit about it….............. it all starts off when they set sell for the libary where they meet the libarian called Mr Fish and they learn about pirates but in a little while they went back to the classroom and mrs brisbane announces some exiting news there going to be making paper boats.

    3 December 2010

  6. loved it

    This book is relly godd i love reading it and every one should like it because it is good to read!=)

    29 September 2009

  7. liked it

    this look very good i read lots of theese books

    21 September 2009

  8. This Book is Great.:)

    13 September 2009