All reviews for SpongeBob: Comic Crazy!

  1. loved it

    I have never read the book but I record lots of episodes.I WANT TO READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 December 2010

  2. i luv spongebob


    7 March 2010

  3. liked it

    its awesome!!!!!!1

    5 March 2010

  4. rate 5 read it really good

    11 October 2009

  5. loved it

    I myself haven’t really read this book yet, but I will tomorrow because this book is available at my schools book fair!!!!!

    5 October 2009

  6. loved it

    I haven’t read this but with your reviews I think its cool.

    4 October 2009

  7. I way want to read this it looks so good and i love spongebob!

    3 October 2009

  8. loved it

    i relly love SpongeBob

    19 September 2009

  9. loved it

    hi.i thik that this book is the best book in word. i love it. and soo my brother as well.

    10 September 2009