All reviews for Cakes and Cookies

  1. i love this so much

    6 March 2012

  2. loved it

    Wow now i could make cakes muffins and others with this book

    3 March 2012

  3. loved it

    i like to bake and this book gave me more recipes to use

    2 March 2012

  4. loved it

    I loved this, I got it a couple of christmas ago and the recipes are amazing! When I got it I was so pleased, because I just love to bale! I look back at it all the time, and have another in the series! Loved it!! xoxo

    2 March 2012

  5. loved it

    I have got the book and it is so cool u can lean to make cakes and lean and read at the same time the book is just so amazing xx

    28 February 2012

  6. loved it

    I have this book, relly good, Love the way it stands up on its own and LOVED the marble cake and the treasure chest!! Deffo recommened

    8 March 2011

  7. loved it

    I got this book and it is so good all the things look yummy

    7 March 2011

  8. i like this book

    19 February 2011

  9. loved it

    luv it i luv cackes and cookies

    5 December 2009

  10. loved it

    I want this book

    2 November 2009