All reviews for Seriously Sassy: Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming

  1. This is the second book in the seriously sassy series. It is a great book and has a great plot. In this novel, once again love is in the air. Sassy meets another teen music star and all of a sudden she realizes that she doesn’t like Twig as much anymore. Great read, i would recommend this book for ages 12+

    3 March 2012

  2. This is a follow up to seriously sassy. Once again we revisit sassy and this time sassy’s music career is really taking off. At her first gig she has a great time and meets someone special. Her love for twig isn’t as great now so should she date him or not ?

    1 March 2011

  3. This is an awesome book! I recomend It to anyone!!

    22 December 2009

  4. loved it

    this book i haven’t read yet but it’s sounds very inerresting to me

    30 September 2009

  5. I can’t can’t wait to get this book!!!!!

    11 September 2009

  6. I want to read it but its a bit dear….x

    9 September 2009