The Girls' Book 3: Even More Ways to Be the Best at Everything

Guess what? It’s not that hard to be perfect – with this girlie guide to being the best at everything! This third book of cool tips for girls has even more lifestyle hints and tips to turn your friends green with envy – yet again! Learn how to handle a hippo in a huff, survive becoming best mates with a vampire, communicate in sign language and toss the perfect pancake. That’s right: a complete guide to all the things that normal people mess up, but perfect people get right effortlessly. We know which of those you want to be – so shine like the superstar you are!

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  • it sounds fantastic

    10 January 2011

  • loved it

    this book is fab and it always has been!I really loved this book not only because it great because once you have read it you can read it again and again and again!

    3 December 2009

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