All reviews for Ally's World #1: The Past, the Present and the Loud, Loud Girl

  1. The first book in the series of ‘Ally’s world’ is absolutely amazing! A new girl arrives at Ally’s school and the head teacher asks hers to show her around until she settles in, but for Kyra Davies settling in takes forever and a day. But one day she goes to far, at Ally’s movie party with her friends everyone had arrived and they were ready to start, but who’s at the door? Yep you guessed it.

    Read this book to find out what Ally does with the pesky Kyra Davies and what she and her sisters eventually decide on for her dads birthday present.

    An introduction to all the characters and as you turn each page you feel like you are building up a stronger and stronger bond to each one.

    I strongly recommend this book to girls! 10 out of 10 from me!

    31 July 2011

  2. It sounds goooood!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3 March 2011

  3. rubbish

    it is not a book so it is so bad

    15 February 2011

  4. liked it


    11 February 2011