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Winnie’s antics make you laugh when she isn’t even trying – so just imagine how you’ll chuckle when she really lets rip! Have a giggle with these magical jokes. It’s as easy as saying Abracadabra! How does an intruder get into Winnie’s house? Intruder windows. What does an Australian witch ride on? A broomerang. Chock-full of dangerously funny gags that are sure to get Wilbur hiding under the bed, this book is comedy magic.

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    I like the jokes they are funny.

    1 June 2010

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  • Photo of Valerie Thomas

    Valerie Thomas

    Valerie Thomas is the author of the Winnie the Witch books and celebrated 25 years of the much loved character in 2012!


    Winnie the Witch, written by Valerie Thomas and illustrated by Korky Paul, won the Red House Children’s Book Award in 1988.

  • Awards

    Korky has won the Red House Children’s Book award for Winnie the Witch and The Rascally Cake.

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