All reviews for Dork Diaries

  1. LOVED IT!

    5 March 2014

  2. This is the first book in the seires and is a great way to introduce nikki and her life

    3 March 2014

  3. loved it

    this book is amazing i love it the aurther has done a good job

    8 November 2013

  4. loved it

    I loved it was so cool I have read dork diaries part time as well it is so cool I am now readying dork diaries pop star

    21 July 2013

  5. loved it

    Totally funny poor Nikki

    19 June 2013

  6. loved it

    I realy like this book because Brianna is realy funny in it.

    Honey Robinson

    15 June 2013

  7. loved it

    this book is just fantastic!really really funny with lots of ups and downs and of course rattlesnake snake in plumping lipgloss and ankle boots…mackenzie hollister!EVIL!ha

    28 April 2013

  8. hahaha sooo funny its perfect for me and ive almost got the whole collection I just need how to dork your diary and the new one coming in june 6th! SQUEE

    18 April 2013

  9. loved it

    This book is hilarious and very funny. I loved it. It is the very first of the Dork Diaries books.

    10 April 2013

  10. loved it

    This book is really exciting to read, it is all about Nikki Maxwell’s life and how she gets through her problems at her new school. She does have an arch enemy as all of thesae books usually have, but i think this book is amazing to read and i would definetely reccommend it to anyone thinking about reading it.

    10 March 2013