Mr Men Pocket Library

A gorgeous mini library of classic comic stories starring the jolly, lovable Mr Men! This colourful little box set collects together six of Roger Hargreaves’ timeless stories, introducing a bunch of unforgettable characters. There’s cheeky Mr Funny, who can make a joke of any situation, and Mr Tickle, whose mischievous spirit is paired with very long arms. But plump, cheerful Mr Greedy is often led astray by his stomach, while accident-prone Mr Bump definitely needs a hug or two! Read each story, then turn the books over to complete a fun picture jigsaw.

Set contains the following titles: Mr Tickle; Mr Greedy; Mr Nosey; Mr Bump; Mr Strong; Mr Funny.

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    Mm, okay, but I’m sort of put off I can’t believe I just said that!

    26 December 2014

  • afb

    loved it

    This book is about mr tickle,mr greedy,mr nosey,mr bump,mr stonrg,mr funny it tells about what they do and there like.

    13 March 2010

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