All reviews for Muncle Trogg

  1. loved it

    Don’t be put off by the name, this book is great. There is always something different on every page. A great book that I would reccomend

    11 October 2012

  2. it’s lovely

    2 March 2012

  3. this book is about a rely small giant who doesn’t fit in and gets bullied by his brother gritt it is a rely good book, I enjoyed reading it

    1 March 2012

  4. Muncle Trogg is a brilliant book. It is about a young giant who can not fit in because he is tiny, his brother, Gritt bullies him. These giants have to live in Mount Grumble due to their enemies, the smallings.

    This book is brilliant, Janet Foxley is the best writer of the decade. I hope there will be a sequel to this book!

    Ben, age 10

    24 February 2011