CHERUB: Shadow Wave

When a tsunami devastates a tropical island, its governor sends in bulldozers to knock down villages – replacing them with luxury hotels. Guarding the corrupt governor’s family is hardly James Adams’ idea of the perfect mission, especially as it’s going to be his last as a CHERUB agent. But then retired colleague Kyle Blueman comes up with an unofficial (and highly dangerous) plan of his own. Now James must choose between loyalty to CHERUB, and loyalty to his oldest friend… A topical scene of disaster, international aid and corruption forms the backdrop to this last explosive adventure from a mega-selling series!

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  • I love this book, it tests James loyalty to his country and to his friend.

    7 March 2014

  • Once finishing this book, I was nearly crying, I had become so attached to James Adams and the gang and remembering them in The Recruit brought tears but as they say, this is tough, but Cherubs are tougher.

    28 January 2013

  • WOW! Reading this was like going on an adventure yourself! Any fan of adventure and fun will love it!

    3 March 2012

  • Great way to round off Series 1. James and Kyle go off radar on their own secret mission.

    3 March 2011

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  • Photo of Robert Muchamore

    Robert Muchamore

    Robert Muchamore is the author of hit spy series CHERUB and Henderson’s Boys.


    Robert Muchamore has won several awards for the best-selling Cherub series, including the Red House and Salford awards for The Recruit and the Portsmouth Book award for Maximum Security.

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