All reviews for Doctor Who: Decide Your Destiny: Claws of the Macra

  1. loved it

    i love this book it is amazing but i am confused how to start a new part when it is the end

    1 July 2014

  2. Doctor who is obviously the best book of my life

    8 March 2014

  3. loved it

    Obviously I like Doctor Who and the books and this was AWESOME!

    15 December 2013

  4. i liked doctor who

    6 March 2013

  5. Look inside Doctor Who: Decide Your Destiny: Claws of the Macra

    Join floppy-fringed Matt Smith in the TARDIS for an adventure where YOUR decisions count! Danger and excitement await you on a school trip to a gas refinery infested by giant crustaceans. Only you can help the Doctor and Amy to outwit the Macra and save Planet Earth! Become the latest companion to the Eleventh Doctor on his travels through time and space, in a story where YOU make the decisions. Take the controls in the TARDIS, choose a direction, and let the excitement begin!

    most of you loved this

    3 August 2012

  6. loved it

    I love this book. I’m a number 1 fan of it now. it was fantastic.

    28 June 2012

  7. loved it

    I love Doctor Who and I’m No.1 Fan of it! This Decide your Destiny book is one of the best books I have read! Its great with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.


    3 January 2011

  8. liked it

    I think this book is the best I ever read out of the history of Doctor Who: Decide Your Destiny!!!

    6 December 2010

  9. loved it

    I love it because i am a big fan of Doctor Who and because I got this book free with a Doctor Who magazine

    7 November 2010

  10. loved it

    i think it is an amazing book were you pick your options an change the story!

    5 November 2010