All reviews for Rainbow Magic Special: Trixie the Halloween Fairy

  1. loved it

    IT WAS AMAZING! I love the little cat-it’s sooooooo cute! loved it!


    See Ya!

    5 February 2018

  2. Well, this book is another fresh attempt into the Rainbow Magic series, but the plot lone is like many other ones. But it is okay, and I did read these for a while. I liked them when I was younger. Overall, add some new things to the fair fairy series.

    13 July 2016

  3. loved it


    26 December 2014

  4. okay

    it was made especially for halloween

    4 March 2012

  5. its okay part 2 and 3 are really good but 1 is not for me but i think it is good for 1 of my friends called Emily

    10 July 2011

  6. I love Halloween so I will love this book, Really Good!

    23 May 2011

  7. ips

    Goldie 113308

    loved it

    this was a great book

    2 May 2011

  8. loved it

    Haven’t read it yet

    3 April 2011

  9. This was a anoumse book a specilaly for hallowe oooooooooooooooooooooooooo boo

    28 January 2011

  10. okay

    i think this book is intresting but the chapters must be carried on to make my opinion on this book . in the end its okay to me that is.

    please next time carry on with the story

    thankz if u readit

    29 October 2010