All reviews for Beast Quest Special #7: Ravira, Ruler of the Underworld

  1. the best beast quest book i have ever read

    8 January 2014

  2. its a good book

    7 March 2013

  3. love beast quest!

    4 March 2013

  4. loved it

    Very scary, and taladon is now a hell hound and serves RAVIRA

    4 March 2013

  5. loved it

    Excellent book,terrifying cliffhangers at the end of every chapter and I LOVE that,I also LOVE beast quest books in general so it was an excellent book,especially because it was a special bumper edition!!!!!!

    27 October 2011

  6. loved it

    brilliant, i want to read the rest.

    5 March 2011

  7. liked it

    i buyed this book!

    14 February 2011

  8. loved it

    Really good book a lot of describing which make it very good.

    10 January 2011