All reviews for Lily Alone

  1. love it :)

    1 March 2012

  2. i read it twice and it was really good

    26 February 2012

  3. okay

    lily isn’t home alone but she wishes she was. looking after her three younger siblings is a lot of responsility. when mumgoes off on holiday with here new boyfriend and leaves lily, six year old twins bliss and baxter,and little sister pixie on their own, lily is detemend to keep the family together and show they can cope without any, grown ups but when she fears there secret there secret is going to be discoverd she decids they need a safer hiding place. what could be better then to take all the little ones for a camping adventure in the park? plenty of space to runabout no flat to clean and surly no chance anyone will guess they’re there…

    22 February 2012

  4. it is a class book even tough it had 307 pages i really enjoyed the book. it was exciting at every part. when bliss fell off the tree i was really looking foward of what was coming up. i would give this book a million out of a million.

    30 January 2012

  5. loved it

    I think this book is an amazing book. it is a bit like tracy beaker at the end of the story. and i was excited all through the book.i read it in a around a week. i love reading Jw’s books.

    25 January 2012

  6. loved it

    I thought it was a brillant book i read it in a weekend I have read it two more times after the first. I would highly reccomend it to what ever age. READ IT!!

    14 January 2012

  7. this book was very good and quite addictive.

    i dont know if it is me but when ther is like a shock event, it kinda happens a bit too quickly. but it is still good

    2 December 2011

  8. i just love this book it shows lodes of person facts and its like made in real life

    29 November 2011

  9. loved it

    I LOVED Lily Alone. Its one of the best books i ever read! It took me a while to read but i think thats a good thing because it makes me want to know what happens next! I give it 90 stars out of 5 because i feel like iv’e known Lily all my life! I felt really sad when Bliss went to hospital and i very nearly cried! If i was you and you have not read Lily Alone then Id’e read it RIGHT AWAY!

    7 November 2011

  10. WOW!

    5 November 2011