Spy Dog: Teacher’s Pet

Lara – the spy who woofs – returns in a breakneck sixth adventure! Sophie’s new teacher is having terrible luck. First her house is broken into, and then the school as well! But the intruders don’t steal anything – so what’s going on? Super spy dog Lara has an A* in catching criminals! With the help of her Spy Pups, Spud and Star, she means to solve the mystery of the break-ins before the baddies strike again. But will our brave dog detectives make the grade, and solve the crime in time?

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  • very good

    8 March 2013

  • loved it

    ace man

    20 May 2012

  • Only just started reading this but its a cool spy book as you would expect from this writter he is a good spy writter. One of the best I now.

    3 March 2011

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  • Photo of Andrew Cope

    Andrew Cope

    Andrew Cope is the author of the hugely popular Spy Dog and Spy Pups books about the highly trained secret agent dog Lara.


    Andrew Cope has won several awards for his Spy Dog series, especially those voted for by children. These include the Richard & Judy prize, Red House award, and Nottingham and Doncaster Children’s Book Prizes.

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