Puddle the Naughtiest Puppy: Star of the School

When Puddle the puppy comes to play, magic is never far away! Now Puddle, Ruby and Harry find themselves on an amazing adventure in the Wild West. They are impressed by the fantastic horse-riding skills of Lil, the littlest cowgirl – but then Lil is told she is too small to compete in the rodeo! With an outlaw on the loose, Puddle must help Lil to prove herself!

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Fun Stuff


  • Puddle Colouring

    Here are two lovely Puddle pictures for you to colour in.

    Download Puddle Colouring
  • Puddle Puzzles

    Help Puddle to spot the five differences between the pictures, and find his juicy bone!

    Download Puddle Puzzles

Recent reviews

  • Puddle is a sweet puppy,but not for me really.I prefer Cuddles the kitten.Both series are intresting,though!

    20 February 2013

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