Rainbow Magic Special: Emma the Easter Fairy

Emma the Easter Fairy works together with the Easter Bunny to make sure that this special time of year is totally happy and fun-filled! She’s ever so busy preparing all sorts of festive happenings to put smiles on the faces of children everywhere. But when Jack Frost’s pesky goblins steal her magical eggs, chaos breaks out! Can Rachel and Kirsty help Emma to save Easter, before the fun is shattered? An enchanting springtime special from Rainbow Magic!

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  • I really loved this book because I like fairies like Emma enjoyed the bit about the naughty goblins and Jack Frost trying to steal three of Emma’s painted eggs one keeps the eggs colourful and bright and not go rotten the other one is to find the Easter Bunny because Jack Frost kidnaps him.

    by Jasmine-1602

    8 April 2016

  • liked it

    I enjoyed this book because it was about a fairy named Emma. She had a fun adventure searching for the Easter bunny with her friends Tracy and Rachel. I would like to read some other books in this series.

    12 February 2016

  • loved it

    Love it!

    6 October 2015

  • loved it

    Cute and cool

    26 December 2014

  • What is the magic letters for emma the easter fairy!!!!!! here is the letters l e e j y b n l a

    2 November 2013

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