Sigrun's Secret

“Their garments are black as night. They carry torches in their hands, darkness and anger in their hearts. They are coming.”

When a dark family secret comes to light, Sigrun’s peaceful life is shattered. Forced to pay for her parents’ misdeeds, she finds herself exiled from all she knows – and from the boy she loves – for three long years. But more secrets and changes lie ahead; not least the strange power Sigrun finds awakening in herself, seemingly passed to her from a mysterious amulet. Can she use her new-found gift to save herself and her friends from the dangers they face? And will her true love wait for her return? A gripping Viking tale of betrayal, revenge and romance from the author of The Lady in the Tower.

Praise for the author:

“I was left with a real sense of having been there myself, and can offer no higher praise than that.” Philip Ardagh, Guardian

“A moving love story set against an interesting historical background.” Julia Eccleshare, Lovereading4kids

“A riveting and fascinating read.” Carousel

“Illuminating… a transportation to another time and age.” Waterstone’s bookseller

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