All reviews for The Magical Detectives

  1. Intriguing, liked it.

    8 March 2014

  2. Title: The Magical Detectives

    Author: Brian Keaney

    Publisher: Orchard Books

    Well this book is abotu a boy called Otto who comes back one day, after buying a pack of chococlate biscuits for his mum, and finds out shes gone, missing… But also the magnetic letters on the fridge spell HELP ME and he catches a glimpse of his mum in the mirror… Then he finds a card on the notice board “The Magical Detective Agency, Magical crimes investigated, Supernatural crimes solved! and Otto has a feeling that he should go to this place. Juliet, his friend from school, soon finds herslef mixed up in the whole thing while chasing after her cat Cornelius she interupts a spell which takes her AND her cat in to the portal along with Otto and the Magical Detective Maximillian Hawksmoor, who finds there is more to the ‘crime’ then meets the eye… But can Otto trust this man?

    This is a good mysterious book but I would recommend it to younger readers aged 9-12.

    My star rating out of 5 is 4

    6 March 2012

  3. The Magical Detectives was by far the best book I have ever read, let alone reviewed! My favourite character is Cornelius the Cat – who dosent love a talking cat? This book definitely deserves 5 *, Brian ought to be proud of himself. I can’t wait untill the sequel comes out later this year! I strongly advise that people read the book.

    Georgia, age 11

    12 July 2011