All reviews for Billionaire Boy

  1. loved it

    I loved this book is was amazing.

    3 December 2015

  2. loved it

    Heart – book in the world.Also heart breaking in some parts.Loved it.

    29 October 2015

  3. liked it

    This book is rather interesting, plus I have read it once already and I have it on my bookcase. My brother has also read it twice and I can’t remember most of it.

    27 October 2015

  4. this book is cool and awsome and it shows that being rich is not the best thing ever having a best friend is better

    20 September 2015

  5. loved it

    I completely love this book. It is so funny !!!!!!!!!

    8 August 2015

  6. loved it

    Billionaire boy is really fantastic. I really loved this book!

    12 May 2015

  7. loved it

    This book is completely amazing I wish I had money like Joe spud even though some of it is upsetting this is good I go to secondary school and this is the top of the gossip list so that must be good

    23 February 2015

  8. joe spud the billionaire boy loses his freind because of money his girl freind is from a advert about soup and she is paid by joes dad to go to joes school and make her his girlfriend really weird and fat joe oly had one freind bob who he lost because of money and his richness you really really really really really really really really should read this a must read book

    8 February 2015

  9. As usual David Walliams has created a wonder for children and always does its a must have book for 7+

    2 January 2015

  10. it is comedy and funny. I like David Walliams

    2 December 2014