All reviews for Billionaire Boy

  1. liked it

    David walliams is a grey author. This is very funny and clever. Not my fav but very good.

    4 March 2013

  2. this is super funny. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    4 March 2013

  3. it was amazing wow!

    4 March 2013

  4. The main character in this book is Joe Spud, son of gazillionaire Len Spud, who made millions by….well, making loo roll. Joe is ridiculously spoilt and even has his own Formula One life-sized car and race track in his back garden, and even en-suite bathrooms that have en-suites that have en-suites! It’s not all fun and games though. Think he has everything? Nope. He just wants one simple thing; a friend.

    This book is hilarious and fun, yet still manages to give out the message that money just doesn’t buy you happiness. Through reading this book, you can tell David Walliams is a naturally funny person, perhaps more so through writing rather than on TV.

    The ideas in this book are imaginative, funny and ridiculous, which is exactly what makes the book great!

    Billionaire Boy is aimed at slightly younger children, but I think anyone would enjoy this! For children or even the children-at-heart. And adults who are fans of David Walliams’s TV comedies! I give this a rating of 5/5. It’s a brilliant book!!

    4 March 2013

  5. Loved it

    4 March 2013

  6. I’m reading this book from my library in my class at school and it’s reaally funny!!! I would reccomend this book to people who love a bit of laughter.

    27 February 2013

  7. really funny, I like the stuff like the school dinner menu and names you don’t want if you want to be a teacher · Sue doukou · Peter bread


    14 January 2013

  8. loved it

    I love this book so much!!! It’s funny and heart warming but it also sends a message to us all, rich or poor, it tells us that even if your rich, the money doesn’t matter, it’s whether you are happy or not and what people really think of you, for who you are. I would recommend this book to anyone!!

    10 January 2013

  9. Great book in the middle of it right now, all about a boy called Joe who has everything he could ever wish for including “2” crocodiles but the only thing money cant buy is a friend! When Joe quits his POSH school he joins a ordinary school. Will he ever find a REAL friend?

    28 November 2012

  10. I think this book is amazing and hilarious and i recomend it and i would know he is one of my favourite authors.

    16 November 2012