A Girl Called Dog

Dog wasn’t really a dog, she was a human girl. But she was called Dog because that is what Uncle had always called her.

Dog has never been outside her cruel uncle’s pet shop. She sleeps in a box on a floor and has no idea what the outside world looks like. Then, in a flurry of colour and feathers, Carlos the parrot arrives in the shop – and the world as she knows it changes forever. Escaping from her uncle, Dog, Carlos and her best friend Esme the coati set out in search of the same thing: somewhere they can call home, somewhere to belong. But the world is a huge and dangerous place, and they face danger and adventure at every turn…

Three courageous friends set out on the journey of a lifetime in this funny, heartwarming tale of discovery and belonging, which will delight any fan of Roald Dahl or Michael Morpurgo.

Praise for the author:

“There is not a word too many, there is not a word out of place… near-poetic narrative.” TES

“I was caught, hook, line and sinker…” Guardian

“I loved this book so much I could have eaten it!” Daily Mail

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  • loved it

    This story is about a girl’s uncle calling her dog so she can blend in with all the other animals in the pet shop that he owns. Dog does not speak and has to hide when a customer comes in or she will be taking to a very dark place. Luckily Dog has the courage to run away Unfortunately she does not have the sense that their are many dangers in the real world…

    9 March 2014

  • rubbish

    it was ok.

    5 January 2014

  • I didn’t like the start I felt sorry for dog I wanted to take her place and let her live a little.But a happy ending in the end though

    5 March 2013

  • This book was very different to how I first imagined it. The characters came off the page and the story cam alive. Loved it.

    4 March 2012

  • loved it


    23 October 2011

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  • Awards

    Nicola Davies has won many awards including the Independent Booksellers’ Best Picture Book for A First Book of Nature.

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