All reviews for Colour First Reader: The Monster Story-Teller

  1. liked it

    this book was really good

    29 October 2012

  2. loved it

    This book is awsome. Plus Jacqueline Wilson is the one author’s in a million she can not be beaten by any other author. LOL! I advice everyone (especially girls) to read this book.

    6 October 2012

  3. okay

    Well,this book is certainly for younger readers at about age 6 and up. Although i still enjoy reading this book now older than 6. The vocabulary is very,very easy for all ages and quite enjoyable :)

    12 May 2012

  4. loved it

    I am sure that loads of people would love this book.

    5 March 2012

  5. Haven’t actually read this book but the cover is just amazing! so that is why i wrote the review.

    3 March 2012

  6. it looks really funny and creative

    1 March 2012

  7. liked it

    Soooo goood.

    1 March 2012

  8. I was really pleased to see a Jacqueline Wilson book that I could read as my big sister Kloe loves reading anything by Jacqueline Wilson so I knew I would enjoy this book.

    I really enjoyed The Monster story-teller because I could read it all by myself. I loved the colourful pictures.

    My favourite part was when Natalie went to McMonsters with Little Monster. My favourite character was Natalie because she found Little Monster. This book is great for boys and girls aged 5 up.

    Madison, aged 6

    This is my first book I have read on my own.

    My favourite character is The monster because he has fluffy hair and sharp claws and sharp teeth. My favourite part is when Natalie and the monster went on the flying saucer to monster planet.

    This book I recommended to boys and girls aged 5-8 to read with a little help. The colours are very colourful.

    Stephanie, age 6

    9 January 2012

  9. loved it

    Very funny and great for younger readers!

    31 October 2011

  10. This was my second Jacqueline book that i read and it truly loved it. I think that the author has been very creative with the story.

    21 October 2011