All reviews for Nora: The Girl Who Ate and Ate

  1. liked it

    This book is very funny and silly

    5 March 2014

  2. very funny and utterly ridiculous!

    5 March 2013

  3. This book is funny, silly and absolutely hilarious!

    5 March 2012

  4. I really enjoyed Nora the girl who ate and ate and ate. It`s about a girl called Nora who couldn’t stop eating! When she got sent to her room without tea, she ate all of her toys in her room.

    My favourite scene was when Nora burped because loads of food came out, they looked wierd and disgusting as she had eaten them ages ago!

    I also enjoyed the part when she was on the moon with no food, or was she? Everyone knows the moon is made of cheese! Don`t they? It was really good but it was not the best book, 8/10, Although I thought the pictures were really funny!

    Charlie, age 6

    23 February 2012