All reviews for Willow Valley #5: One Snowy Day

  1. It took me four days to read this book. I love this book because it is filled with the joy of Christmas.

    My favourite character was Riley because he picked the big and bushy tree. I liked Horatio because he is very funny, he picked a tree that was wonky and later on when riding on the sledge all the snow stuck to his hedgehog spikes which made me laugh. I like Starla as she likes things all neat and tidy and I like things all neat and tidy.

    I liked it when all the animals visited the village square and stood around the biggest Christmas tree and sung Christmas carols and talked about what presents they may get.

    My favourite part was when they decorated Riley’s tree and put the star on the top. Riley made a reindeer chain and I liked seeing this around the tree.

    The bad thing in the story was that they got stuck in the river but in the end they got rescued by Mistletoe the reindeer and took them back to Willow Valley. I think this book is for age 4-8 for girls.

    Stephanie, aged 7

    23 October 2012