All reviews for Tom Gates Trio

  1. Amazing and brilliant plot of the book

    9 March 2014

  2. The best is excellent excuses

    4 March 2014

  3. Looks great !!!!!!!!!

    27 May 2013

  4. very good value and great books!

    7 March 2013

  5. I quite liked the brilliant world of tom gates.

    5 March 2013

  6. Loved it

    4 March 2013

  7. liked it

    These books are amazing comedy diary books all about a boy called tom gates annoying his annoying sister delia and embarresig dad and normal mum his best freind derek worst enemy marcus and his love amy you must who evers reading this you must buy it !!!!!!!!!!

    23 February 2013

  8. loved it

    All amazing but all different!

    21 January 2013

  9. loved it

    it is ok to look at but when you go in to read it you are amased what you think

    11 September 2012

  10. These books are amazing for people who like easy writing to read and a fun story to read.Also if you like the category diaries and journals then you will love the story so all you readers who like reading get the book.I would rate this book 10/10 and i bet you will when you read this book so buy these books and start reading them today.

    I have read all these books and it took me 3 days to finish because I would wake up in the morning read it till school then i would get back from school and read till dinner then after dinner i would read till bed.And i did that for 3 days and i finished it then for my birthday i got the other two and i was so happy.SO JUST GET THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!

    4 July 2012