The Chocolate Box Girls Pair

The first two books in Cathy Cassidy’s oh-so-sweet new series, which tells the stories of five girls who come together as sisters when their families join. Honey, Skye, Summer and Coco live in Somerset with their mum. And now Cherry is coming to live with them as their new stepsister! Although she looks different to the four blonde girls, with her dark almond eyes and skin the colour of milky coffee, Cherry really wants to fit in. But will she ruin everything when she falls for Honey’s gorgeous boyfriend? Meanwhile, Skye feels left behind by her beautiful, outgoing twin sister. Can she step out of Summer’s shadow and find her own way to shine? Find out in the first two episodes of this not-to-be-missed series!

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  • loved it

    These two books are really good and I would recommend these to LOTS OF PEOPLE. So go on- get reading!!!!

    20 October 2013

  • very good book

    8 March 2013

  • my favourite one was cherry crush.

    5 March 2013

  • it should be made the law to have to read the chocolate box girls series.i love it

    4 March 2013

  • Cherry Crush

    I have been SO excited about this exciting new book ever since it was announced that Cathy was writing it, way back in July 2009! So when Puffin contacted me asking if I would like the manuscript version (!!) of it, how could I refuse!

    The cover is so gorgeous and yummy. I love that some of it is illustration, but the pictures of the chocolate aren’t! Mmm… I also love the silver against the bright red. It looks fun and entertaining, yet also sophisticated and…..well….chocolate-y!

    The whole idea of The Chocolate Box Girls is just genius. Apparently there will be five books in total (Cherry Crush being the first one), each book being from the point of view of each sister. This one is from Cherry Costellos. I love the way she looks at things, and yet I feel sorry for her sometimes too. Her stories are magical, and mysterious….love it!

    My favourite character, apart from Cherry, is Shay. When he first appears in the story, I thought he was a bit weird, but then further on in the book, I thought he was quite cool.

    My overall rating of this fabulously amazbrilltastic book is 5/5! It has friendship, a gypsy caravan and chocolate….what more could a great book need?

    Marshmallow Skye

    Skye and Summer are twins. They have always been extremely close, but now as they grow older Skye can feel them growing apart. Skye – wears vintage style clothes, loves History, best friend is Millie. Summer – wears anything pink and anything cool, loves Ballet, best friend is Tia. They may look the same and occasionally think the same…but they couldn’t be more different. When they find a dusty old trunk in the attic, with ancient love letters and musty velvet dresses inside, Skye and Summer grow apart just a little bit more…

    I’ve always loved Cathy and her books, ever since my best friend lent me Scarlett when I was nine. I don’t know how she does it but she always manages to create a realistic story, with a sense of magic included.

    Marshmallow Skye starts off on Halloween, which was spooky. That was a nice change as Cathy hasn’t written a horror story before. Marshmallow Skye isn’t really a horror story anyway, but it’s still a lot different from her other books. It’s more of a mystery, I think.

    Obviously I adored this book. Who wouldn’t? I really wanted to save it, but I couldn’t help reading it within an hour. One of the highlights of my year is always when Cathy launches a new book – and it’s always just in time for my birthday!

    I treasure this book – it’s…. deep breath Amazfantasbrillgreatgoodexcelloveawesome! Yup. That new word perfectly describes ALL of Cathy’s books.

    Read this. Now. You need to, your life isn’t complete until you read it…

    4 March 2013

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  • Cathy Cassidy

    She’s been an art teacher, magazine editor and agony aunt but we like her best as a top-selling author. If you love books about family, friendship and chocolate, then look no further than Cathy!


    Cathy won the Royal Mail Award for Scottish Children’s Books for Scarlett in 2007, the Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Award in 2009 and the 2013 Doncaster Book Award for Summer’s Dream. She was also crowned Queen of Teen in 2010.

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