All reviews for Dork Diaries: Skating Sensation

  1. loved it

    this was a very interesting book and I always wanted to see what was going to happen next

    18 May 2017

  2. loved it

    It was amazing how Nicky always finds a way

    28 October 2016

  3. loved it

    This book is about a girl called Nikki who has a crush on a boy named Brandon that enters a skating competition for her friends. Her worst enemy, Mackenzie, likes Brandon too… There school is hosting a skating competition and Nikki doesn’t know how to skate but, she told Brandon she would skate for his pet shop, which is about to close down and Brandon’s grandparents own. Mackenzie knows how to skate! Will she please Brandon? Will she win the competition or fail? Will she ask Mackenzie to enter for her? Who knows what will happen?

    2 February 2016

  4. liked it

    I loved it but i just want to finish reading the whole book

    27 June 2015

  5. this book is really sweet at the end. well first off i can’t believe that brandon is fuzzy and friends owners grandson. so nikki cant let him move away. and when brandon goes skating with nikki it is so cute

    13 May 2015

  6. loved it

    At last! Brandon is noti/cing Niki and in a more than good friends way.. ahhh things can’t get bad can they… YES!!! Brandon’s Gran’s animal shelter only is about to close down.. and er.. he lives with his Gran….and if it closes down.. he’s in a new school! Niki will do everything she can even skating for the charity!! but can a dork do it.. is it enough? will Mackenzie get in the way? So much.. so little time!!! I enjoyed the book because it’s light funny up- lifting and full of twists and turns yet ends well. Recommended age 10-15

    3 May 2015

  7. loved it

    loooooooove this book

    21 February 2015

  8. I read this book and it is awesome anyone who sees this please pleas pleas read this book!

    21 February 2015

  9. liked it

    Sweet! But the Author was making every thing do happy-go-lucky :(

    16 November 2014

  10. loved it

    i loved this book one of the greatest book

    9 November 2014