All reviews for Hero on a Bicycle

  1. loved it

    I really enjoyed this war-themed book, with a twist. At the moment I think the war story genre is saturated with terrible war books. But this war novel is absolutely brilliant. The aspect of the story that made it better was that it was not set in Britian, Germany or France like other war novels. Instead this book was set in Italy, which means this book is behind enemy lines and does not see that much action, but when it does- it is action packed! I quite like the fact that it wasnt a book full of war as it does get repetitive sometimes! This meant that there was a lot of room to get to know the characters. My favourite scene was when Poalo and Constanza were walking home from the town square when a mine is set off and a massive explosion rips the ground apart. My heart was beating fast at this point because as I turned the pages throughout the next chapter I was dying to find out if anybody had died. My favourite character is Joe who is an escaped prisoner of war. The italian resistance sent him to the Crivelli family until he could escape the country. As the family was put into danger by doing this he said that he would leave to avoid trouble, fortunately for him the family insisted he stayed- no matter what danger he would put them in. Later we find that the secret police has shot a crucial character in the books storyline. Obviously you will have to read the book to find out! I rate this book 10/10, a fast-paced page turner!

    Ben, aged 13

    8 July 2013

  2. loved it

    I really love this book because it’s full of adventure and truth. it also shows courage and hope through war

    27 January 2013