All reviews for Petticoat Pirates: The Mermaids of Starfish Reef

  1. This book is about three pirates, the Petticoat Pirates called Aqua, Marina and Oceana. It is a story about how the Pirates use all their skills to help three mermaids solve a mystery about how the gardens were destroyed. They live on a pirate ship sailing the ocean and having fun and I enjoyed reading about their adventure, it was really exciting and if I could go on an adventure with them I would. I felt a bit sad to find out The Nori was a lonely mermaid living in a castle on her own. It made me happy when she made friends with the other mermaids. It was very funny when Oceana had a wet foot and I loved her dress and all the pirates were very pretty. I found the book easy to read and absolutely loved it. I would love to read some more stories of their adventures. I think this book is suitable for girls who like an adventure aged 7 and above.

    Stephanie, aged 7

    16 April 2013