Holly Webb Animal Stories: The Puppy Who Was Left Behind

A canal boat holiday with a little lost puppy to love. Holly Webb knows our hearts’ desire. In her world, cuteness never gets a vacation. This little dog might be on holiday, but his ahh-factor is working full time! Fred the puppy is on a canal boat trip with his owner, Anna, and her grandparents. There’s just one problem: the really BIG dog who lives on the boat. Unlike us, he’s immune to Fred’s charms. In fact, he’s so scary the little puppy runs away. Oh dear – will this cutie-pie be left behind?

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  • loved it

    3 October 2016

  • loved it

    I loved this book and i am sorry for the puppy because the really big dog scared him away but happy at the end because they become friends.

    31 October 2015

  • loved it

    This book is the best book i have ever read especaily the detail the author put inside i love the illutrations its’ so cute and lovely i want to read all the books .

    14 June 2015

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  • Holly Webb

    Holly is the best-selling author of lots of brilliant books including the Molly’s Magic, Animalmagic and Rose series.

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