All reviews for Geek Girl #2: Model Misfit

  1. loved it

    Geek Girl Model Misfit is a phenomenal story carrying on 6 six months after the, sharp-witted, intelligent, 15 year old, Harriet Manners becomes an agency model and ends up with a super model boyfriend (Lion Boy)! But right near the beginning she tells us the heart breaking news that Lion Boy dumped her just before her GCSE exams! Once the exams are over it’s the summer holidays and Harriet has a whole summer planned out for her and her best friend Nat, but then Harriet finds out that Nat has to go a farm in France for the summer hols. So when the modelling agency gives her a modelling job in Tokyo for the new label she grabs it by the reins and doesn’t let go. And meets some interesting people along the way including bright and cheerful Rin! This book is an awesome read and I’d definitely rate it for anyone 12+ and I’m giving it 5/5 stars!!! :-)

    3 May 2016