Demon Dentist

Roald Dahl meets Sweeney Todd in this dentist’s chair. Make your appointment if you dare… Darkness has come to the town. Strange things are happening in the dead of night. Children put a tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy, but in the morning they wake up to find… a dead slug; a live spider; hundreds of earwigs creeping and crawling beneath their pillow. Evil is at work. But who or what is behind it…? Find out in this jaw-aching treat by your favourite TV funnyman!

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  • loved it

    planning to read this could someone give me some information about it

    I do not read many of Davids walliam books I have read ratburger but thats all

    In my class we are going to learn about the book gansta granny and i will soon have the book demon dentist

    28 November 2017

  • loved it

    This book is soooooo funny

    17 February 2017

  • Delightfully Devious, Brilliantly blood thirsty, Tantalisingly tooth taker. I’d say his best book yet it was scary but in a funny way. WARNING…MOST DENTISTS ARE NICE

    2 January 2015

  • This book was really good and funny i love all his books

    22 November 2014

  • loved it

    I remember getting this for christmas last year, and I absolutely loved it!! David Walliams is a hilarious author, and probably one of the most popular in the childrens’ book world.

    Children are waking up to slugs, spiders, all different sorts of creepy crawlies, but how? Alfie is booked in with an appointment to see the Demon Dentist herself, and he soon finds out…

    Although this wasn’t as good as David Walliam’s newest book, Awful Auntie, I still enjoyed it so much! David Walliams isn’t as good as Roald Dahl, but in my opinion better!!

    I will now be buying the rest of the books by this author ASAP, as I think I have found a favourite author.

    7 October 2014

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  • Photo of David Walliams

    David Walliams

    Comedian and writer David Walliams is one of Britain’s bestselling children’s authors


    David Walliams has twice won Children’s Book of the Year at the National Book Awards, for Ratburger and The Demon Dentist, along with many regional prizes including the Sheffield, Doncaster, Stockport and Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Awards.

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