All reviews for Mungo Monkey Has a Birthday Party

  1. not for me

    I didn’t like it because it’s for little kids and it was very short but it was also bright and bubbly and full of cool flaps

    2 September 2016

  2. loved it

    i really liked it because it was so bright and there were so many flaps!

    28 July 2016

  3. loved it

    So nice!!!!!! wonderful picture and personally I love any Lydia Monk stories

    14 December 2015

  4. not for me

    i think that this book is too babish for me it should be for the ones aged 3-6 is to boring

    5 November 2015

  5. rubbish

    its rubbish its for liitle babys

    5 November 2015

  6. rubbish

    i think it was boring because it was short

    28 May 2015

  7. okay

    I think it should be for little ones who are under 6. Good and colourful

    7 December 2014

  8. This book is a bit boring and rubbish.But flaps are good.

    29 October 2014

  9. not for me

    Boring, hate it

    My baby sister loves it

    26 September 2014

  10. this book is really amazing.

    19 July 2014