Pig #3: The Seriously Extraordinary Diary of Pig

BIG NEW STORY ABOUT PIG. Porky giggles, rude parps, stinky slops and funny quest to do. Pig, Duck, Cow and the woolly sheeps is far away from the Farm and those lovely Vegetarian Farmers. How is they going to get back to their cosy home again? Maybe there might be rude bum trumpets, clever ideas and yummy veggies. There definitely IS tummy tickles, silly chuckles and funny pictures. Does you wonder why is we talking Pig language? Pig is OUR HERO, is why.

  • Great if you like Chicken Run or Wallace and Gromit
  • Silly chuckles with a unique voice and hilarious cartoons
  • Emer Stamp works for a top London advertising agency
  • She helped make the 2011 John Lewis Christmas advert

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  • This is a really good book and has made me want to read this book all night and day. Really think cow should have been more aware of that 🍦🍦 Pig, cow is so happy you and duck saved him. I’m proud of you too 😀😀

    13 April 2016

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  • Photo of Emer Stamp

    Emer Stamp

    Emer Stamp grew up on a farm in Devon before training in graphic design and becoming the Creative Director for the advertising agency behind the John Lewis Christmas adverts. The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig is her debut novel.


    Winner of the Laugh Out Loud Book Award for The Big, Fat Totally Bonkers Diary of Pig.

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