All reviews for Charlotte's Web

  1. not for me

    This book was not for me. I reccomended it too people who like farms

    8 June 2020

  2. loved it

    I’ve watched the movie and I’ve read the book, too. When I watched the movie at the end, I almost cried when Charlotte died. Also the book is the same as the movie, but a little different. But I loved it!

    9 July 2016

  3. rubbish

    I love this book I recommend u to read it if you haven’t already

    15 April 2016

  4. loved it

    This is an amazing book

    14 April 2016

  5. so nice!!!! I feel so sad for Charlotte

    5 March 2016

  6. This book is amazing!🎇🎆

    8 October 2015

  7. loved it

    5 out of 5


    7 July 2015

  8. liked it

    dorky grande is cool

    30 May 2015

  9. liked it

    This book was good it was a derminted little girl who by the looks of it got everything she wanted but it did take a long time

    23 May 2015

  10. loved it

    i love this book it was so touching and really nice and the words were making me think of a picture in my of what it was describing it was really nice and I loved it

    19 May 2015