All reviews for Awful Auntie

  1. loved it

    Hillarious ! 10/10

    10 April 2018


    10 July 2017

  3. loved it

    I loved this book as it was full of tension and it was like a mountain because the story line went up and down, in addition the book made myself and my mum think about what was going to happen and that is why I loved this book.

    4 July 2017

  4. okay

    its ok didn’t read it all so not fully understanding what’s going on but, so far good

    28 May 2016

  5. loved it

    David Walliams has a brilliant style of writing, that makes you feel like your in the room with the other charaters. It had a very exciting story line. Everyone should read it.

    23 April 2016

  6. loved it

    I have read this book and i loved it if you have not read this ask your parents to buy it or download it because if you are like me you will love it.

    27 January 2016

  7. liked it

    A very good book!

    6 January 2016

  8. loved it

    David Walliams is the funnyist author I’ve ever heard of!

    19 September 2015

  9. loved it

    this is a brilliant book i think it can make you laugh, cry and probably make you want to be someone else somewhere else. i think it is one of David walliams greatest success’.

    14 August 2015

  10. okay

    I think this book is OK. It’s not the best. I t’s a bit old fashioned I don’t think it’s a book for me. I think the funny ones are better for me.

    5 August 2015