I'm a Princess Hairdresser

Be a royal hairdresser. One princess – five pretty styles! What if we told you that, right now, you could open a royal salon? And kit out a pretty princess with real hairstyles? Well, it’s true! In this very special book, you’ll meet Princess Ruby. She’s got REAL hair – plus a comb and hairbands to style it! Move Princess Ruby through the illustrated pages, and create the perfect look for all her royal events. Will you choose plaits for the ice cream parlour? Or a ponytail for a picnic? And what’s just right for a royal ice skating party?

  • Novelty book with a fold-out head and real hair to style
  • Create five pretty styles with a sparkly comb and bands
  • Try out techniques on Princess Ruby’s soft blonde hair
  • Each finished look fits into a colourful picture scene

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