Rainbow Magic Special: Heidi the Vet Fairy

The fairy we’d like to be. Loved by all fluffy creatures great and small. Not only does Heidi have magical powers: she’s all about saving animals. What a star. So when Rachel and Kirsty volunteer at a new vet’s surgery, looking after lots of adorable pets, they know they can count on Heidi’s help. But soon strange things start to happen. Everything is going wrong. Could this be the work of nasty Jack Frost? The ultimate Rainbow Magic special: magical, cute and thrilling. Join the fun and help the animals out!

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  • loved it

    Love it!

    6 October 2015

  • loved it

    I really like the sound of Heidi the vet fairy I really want to read her but I don’t have her so yeah but anyway my mom is keeping an eye out for that book at every store she goes to I can’t wait till my mom finds Heidi the vet fairy I’m so exited to get her someday oh and to let you know I have over 50 rainbow magic fairy books trust me I even counted how much I have in total I think I remember it at 54 or 56 I forget witch one it is but anyway bye-bye see you guys later/soon

    3 March 2015

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