All reviews for Carrie's War

  1. okay

    I have read this and it was upsetting, not the best book. Recomendit for people who love world war 2.

    9 July 2009

  2. loved it

    Carrie’s War is based on the dreadful time of WWII. Carrie is talking to her children about the time when she was evacuated to a Welsh village. . This is Nina Bawden’s best story – Keeping Henry is nowhere near as good! If I said that this book was not tremendous, I would be completely lying! I’d better stop here before I give away too much information!

    6 June 2009

  3. loved it

    Carrie’s War written by Nina Bawden is a powerful novel that makes you feel like your in the story with Carrie.The book itself is about a girl Carrie and her brother Nick evacuated in typical war time Britain to wales to a remote village. The story is about how Carrie learns how to adapt to her evacuation parents and other things.It is a gripping novel and i would recommend it to everyone.

    2 June 2009

  4. loved it

    this so cool. it is a good because we read the life of childern who have been evatated.

    11 January 2009

  5. okay

    It was dramatic when Carrie did the terrible thing. When she did it, I felt like crying.

    8 September 2008

  6. loved it

    it is a really good book

    4 June 2008

  7. loved it

    i am reading this book in school amd so far i think it is amazing i love it

    15 May 2008

  8. okay

    This book was extremely touching as it is based on war times

    10 May 2008