A Greyhound of a Girl

A hauntingly funny delight by a legendary writer. Three living women and one ghost set off on a crazy road trip. In the car are four generations of the same family. One is dead, one is dying, one is driving – and one is a twelve-year-old girl who must say a last goodbye. Mary is the young girl, and her beloved granny is passing away. They’re off to the old family farm for a visit to the past. But as Mary’s great-granny (the ghost) shares her jokes and stories, Mary learns that death isn’t so scary, and that letting go is just a part of life…

  • A tender and funny ghost story by a true master
  • Roddy Doyle is one of the world’s leading authors
  • He won the Booker Prize for Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
  • He also wrote the screenplay for The Commitments

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  • AMAZING BOOK, picked this up for cheap set for £1.99. I read it along with my best friend and we haven’t let go of it since!! One of the best books I have read, well done Mr. Doyle :)

    19 May 2013

  • loved it

    I’ve bought this book from the magazine I got from school which is the scholastic magazine of course ,so it is on the way.

    1 May 2013

  • This book is a amazing book about ghost , but if ghost scare you then don’t worry about this booik its not scary at alll

    8 March 2013

  • loved it

    a good ghost book

    7 March 2013

  • I loved this book. I love stories about dogs and this was brilliant

    4 March 2013

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  • Photo of Roddy Doyle

    Roddy Doyle

    Roddy Doyle is the author of many acclaimed and bestselling novels: including A Star Called Henry, The Commitments and The Van. This is his third book for children published by Scholastic.


    Roddy Doyle won the Booker Prize for his adult novel Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha in 1993.

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