One dark night on the island of Great Saltee, 14-year-old Conor is framed for a terrible crime he didn’t commit. Thrown into prison by the evil Hugo Bonvilain, trapped in a seaswept dungeon, branded a traitor, Conor must escape and clear his name. Conor knows there is only one way out. It’s an impossible task. But Conor is determined to do it.

He’ll have to fly.

A quicksilver tale of aerial adventure from the megaselling author of Artemis Fowl.

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  • loved it

    Great story

    8 March 2014

  • Its a wonderful book. I loved it. Eoin Colfer is a great writer.

    7 March 2014

  • Everyone says these books are aimed at boys but I’m a girl and really enjoy them so…

    8 March 2013

  • its really cool

    5 November 2011

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  • Photo of Eoin Colfer

    Eoin Colfer

    Eoin Colfer is the author of the brilliant Artemis Fowl series.


    Winner of the 2001 British Book Awards Children’s Book of the Year for Artemis Fowl and the 2005 North East Book Award for The Supernaturalist.

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