Alice-Miranda Shows the Way

Meet Alice-Miranda: rich, funny, glamorous and solving a racecourse mystery. How jealous are we? But the thing is, it’s hard to truly envy her, because we like her far too much! Now it’s Alice-Miranda’s birthday – and rather niftily, it falls on the day of the big village show. The highlight will be a horse race starring a prize racehorse, Rockstar. Perfect! But when a pony is stolen, the race is put in jeopardy. Alice-Miranda must find the lost pony, save the race and eat some cake!

  • Funny detective fiction with an endearing heroine
  • Think Enid Blyton for today – with a glamorous twist!
  • Set in a luxurious world of yachts and race meetings
  • “Packed with giggles and wild adventures” – Girl Power

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    I love this book it’s full of laughs , mischief and excitement . YOU SHOULD READ THIS BOOK !!!!

    30 March 2016

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