All Alone at Christmas

A beautiful Christmassy story for fans of Holly Webb! One Christmas Eve, Katie leaves her puppy, Milo, at home while she pops out to call on relatives nearby. But then a blizzard strikes and she is trapped overnight – leaving Milo all alone in a cold, dark, empty house. Suki, the Siamese cat next door, invites him out for a stroll in the moonlight. But when Milo peers through the windows and sees all the other families waiting for Santa, he feels really upset. Will Milo really have to spend his Christmas alone? Not anymore – now he can spend it with you!

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  • this looks so cute cant wait to buy this…

    7 December 2012

  • I like dogs so I will probably will like this book.xxxx

    21 November 2012

  • Milo the dog sounded really like a poor lonely little pup! This book sounds like you’ll need a box of tissues while reading.

    7 March 2012

  • This book is SO CUTE!!! You should read it when it is christmas!

    7 March 2012

  • rubbish

    i think its realy cute i realy like it

    10 January 2012

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