June 6, 1944: a day that will change history. The Allies are launching the biggest wartime operation ever carried out: the Normandy Landings. D-Day – codename Operation Overlord – is the huge military strike that will bring down Hitler. And several brave kids will play their part. It will take nothing less than everything to defeat the Nazis and the Axis powers. A daring plan. A lot of luck. Serious firepower – and help from every willing hand. From the Allied soldiers landing on the beaches to the spies in the French countryside, everybody must play their part…

  • A powerful wartime story by the author of Refugee
  • A tale of teamwork, heroism and battling tyranny
  • Refugee was an acclaimed New York Times bestseller
  • Alan Gratz also wrote Grenade and Prisoner B-3087

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    2 October 2019

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