Ally's World #10: Daisy, Dad and the Huge, Small Surprise

Ally knows love makes you do funny stuff, but that doesn’t explain Grandma’s strange behaviour. Sure, she’s got a lot on her mind with the wedding in just a few weeks, but what’s with all the secrecy? And Grandma’s not the only one bitten by the love-bug. It seems Ally’s little brother has a crush on his new teacher. Trouble is, so does Dad! Eeek!

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    how do i read

    4 September 2020

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    fascinating book

    7 March 2013

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    i have read a lot of books but this one was quite different. a lot of things are happening in the story her grandma is getting married her brother has a crush on his new teacher but oh no so does the dad. this book was really a good one. a must have for people who like a good book to read.

    2 March 2008

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    Karen McCombie

    Karen McCombie is the brilliant, best-selling author of the Ally’s World and Stella Etc. series, plus a number of titles for teenagers.

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